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All images, graphic elements, texts and content on this website are Copyright © by Sara Donati (Saraelan Illustration). All copyrighted material on this website is the exclusive intellectual property of Sara Donati. Any use of said copyrighted material requires written permission from the owner. To request permission, please send an email to: with your inquiry. Sara Donati protects her copyright interests: in the event an infringement is discovered, the offender will be notified and invoiced by usage of the industry standard triple fee for unauthorized or inappropriate use and/or prosecuted for copyright infringement. 




  • All items available as FREE DOWNLOADS ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY any commercial use is forbidden: if you are going to use my free files in any way you can earn money from you may purchase. Any doubt? Personal use is when you don’t earn any money (i.e. using my files in a private scrapbook, in a blog without advertising..); commercial use is when you get money directly and/or indirectly (i.e. using my files for your customers, in a business website or in a blog where you have any kind of advertising revenues etc..)
  • By purchasing digital goods in my download area you unlock limited commercial use: you can use my files in your business website or blog with adv, in unlimited graphic commissions for your customers, in your digital artworks etc, and you don’t need any specific license or written permission from my side, just keep the read me text you’ll find in the folder for future reference. Enjoy!
    If any question please contact me at
  • Limited commercial use unlocked by purchasing my files does not include full commercial use so please be aware that use of my files to create goods and products for public sale is forbidden (i.e. if you download my printable garlands you should not use my templates to product physical garlands for massive sale in shops or e-commerce). For this you need to buy an additional commercial use license, please contact me with your inquiry.
  • My files may NOT be redistributed on other sites: this material can not be sold or uploaded as downloadable freebies on other sites. Any infringement will be charged.

Use of this website constitutes acceptance with the above copyright notice and all terms and conditions presented here.

Please be a nice visitor: I do my work with love, love me back respecting my copyright. THANK YOU!

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